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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


A hyperbaric chamber is a pressurized vessel. In a completely sealed environment, we can pump air and or oxygen to create increased pressure.

It can treat a variety of conditions such as burns, fungal infections, Lyme disease, autism, arthritis, sports injuries and more. The FDA has approved HBOT as treatment for some conditions, others are still being researched.

a. On average, a single treatment session will last around 60 minutes. Treatment time depends on various factors, such as the condition (s) being treated as well as any prescribed prescriptions.

b. No. Shorter duration sessions (20-30 min) are getting positive feedback from patients. Moreover, the lower pressures seem to fare better with a shorter duration protocol. Ultimately, it depends on the age of the patient and severity of the condition. Most research studies typically use 60-90 min sessions.

a. The amount and duration of treatments needed are determined by the condition that is being treated, which could be 10 to 20 sessions. Whereas chronic conditions may require anywhere from 30 to 90 sessions.

b. No, 40-hour sessions are considered the gold standard for HBOT. However, the actual benefit from HBOT can be seen in just a few sessions. The antioxidant and protective role of HBOT is immediate and seen within 24 hours of one HBOT session. The anti-inflammatory effect is also quick and can be shown within 4 days of HBOT. Other studies have reported HBOT produces a strong pain relief effect after 5-10 sessions.

a. The prices will vary depending on the time for each session and the frequency.

b. Unfortunately, no, it is not covered by insurance. FWIV Lounge does not bill insurance or provide a Superbill for this treatment.

a. If the appointment is canceled within 48 hours (2 business days) there is no charge.

b. If that time frame is not met, there will be a $25 charge.

When hyperbaric oxygen therapy is prescribed, the treatment is performed under medical supervision at all times. Like all medical procedures and treatments, there are some risks, but overall hyperbaric treatments are safe. We will discuss the risks before any HBOT consent forms are signed. Our hyperbaric chambers meet or exceed the latest FDA guidelines governing hyperbaric chamber manufacturing and installation - ensuring that the treatment is extremely safe.

a. Overall, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe with minor risks. Our HBOT Technician will go over all listed side effects prior to treatment. The most common side effects are pressure felt within the ears or sinuses, and nasal drip. Once finishing treatment, the pressure in the ears will equalize and the other symptoms will slowly disappear. The risks are very few. Most patients feel rejuvenated and have more energy after their session.

b. Barotrauma, which is pressure felt within the ears. Most of us feel this during an airplane flight. If the patient is feeling additional pressure while in the chamber, it can be adjusted. Oxygen toxicity can appear in the central nervous system, pulmonary signs and ocular effects (Myopia). This can be monitored by the HBOT Technician if any signs or symptoms start to appear during a session. This only occurs if the session lasts longer than 90 min.

Even those who have issues with confined spaces, such as claustrophobia, can be treated within a hyperbaric chamber. All chambers have ways for the patient to view what is going on around them. If a patient is anxious, the provider can prescribe a medication to help them relax. The patient can also focus on media that allows them to relax while being treated.

a. Yes. Refunds are available if sessions are canceled within the first 3 visits or within 30 days. Refund amount will be prorated based on full retail price. Please allow 5-10 business days for completion of refund.

a. While we do not encourage guests to remain in the HBOT area due to HIPAA, there may be instances where guests are allowed. This will be a case-by-case basis.

b. We will offer a special price for couples or patients who would like to share an HBOT session during the same scheduled appointment. Please ask the FWIV Lounge staff for more details.

a. Generally, yes. Some patients do experience sinus issues after the first few sessions, which may delay driving capabilities.

b. While HBOT is safe, we encourage all patients to have someone drive them home.

a. Do not arrive at the appointment if the patient is sick, pregnant, changed medications, skipped a meal, or has diabetes and (did not administer insulin before HBOT). If the patient is having concerns or anxiety about HBOT it’s best to postpone the session.

b. Prepare to be in the office for at least 1.5 hours

c. Certain medications should be avoided prior to the session. Please ask the HBOT Technician for further information.

a. It is recommended the patient bring a change of clothes, preferably athletic or leisure clothing, to wear during the HBOT session. FWIV Lounge will provide a changing room.

b. Please remove hard contact lenses, all jewelry, dentures, electronic devices (no cell phones), tablets and hearing aids. Paper products, band-aids, alcohol or any type of hair or facial product are not allowed. Internal surgical metal rods do not affect the HBOT. The Technician will provide a list of items not allowed in the chamber during check-in.

a. The HBOT Technician will check the patient’s vitals, lungs, and ears. The inside of the ears will be examined if there is any pain. If the patient has diabetes, blood sugar will be checked before and after each session. Equipment safety checks will be done before each treatment.

a. Yes, this is known as ‘oxygen toxicity’ (this can affect the central nervous system and/or the lungs). The two main variables are pressure and time. If the pressure is kept below 2.0 ATA and the time kept to 60 min, the risk is extremely low.

a. No, the pressure plays the most critical role in the effective dosage of HBOT. The extra pressure combined with extra oxygen can travel to deeper areas in the body. An oxygen bar only delivers higher oxygen concentrations and does not pressurize the oxygen. Therefore, the same effects will not be provided using an oxygen bar.

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