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During the session, a technician inserts an IV needle and attaches a bag of fluid, filled with the nutrients prescribed for your condition. Simply relax as the nutrients infuse into the body. Patients are welcome to read, nap, watch Netflix, or play on their phone using guest WiFi while receiving the IV therapy, which typically takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

Our highly trained staff and physician ensure all treatments and procedures are done under medical supervision using sterile, surgical-grade supplies. Fort Wayne IV Lounge is one of the few IV therapy clinics that is also a full-time medical practice with a licensed on-site Board-Certified Physician, Nurse Practitioners, trained Medical Assistants and a Certified IV Technician.

We understand some people get nervous around needles. Please rest assured that our staff are experienced professionals who will make IV insertion as quick, easy and as painless as possible. Most people report feeling nothing more than a slight pinch, lasting less than 1 second.

Pricing of the IV therapies is subject to change due to availability of the compounded ingredients and a short shelf life.

Fort Wayne IV Lounge does not bill insurance or provide billing information to be submitted to insurance for any intravenous therapies.

Unfortunately, no. IV therapies bypass the digestive system and go directly into the bloodstream, giving the patient optimal benefits.

Now more than ever, people are feeling overworked and fatigued. Some feel extra pressure at work, while others struggle with a lack of sleep. IV therapy gives the body a boost of nutrients to help restore balance.

  • Poor diet: Many people rely on intravenous fluids to meet their nutritional needs if they have a poor diet or have trouble with oral supplements.

  • Dehydration: Patients feel dehydrated after intense exercise or a night of excessive drinking. IV nutrition can enhance performance and prevent exhaustion.

  • Sickness: People getting over the flu, or a cold, can expedite healing with IV therapy. Possibly prevent future illnesses from developing.

  • Health and Wellness: To maintain optimal health and wellness by providing key vitamins and nutrients.