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Suffering from depression, anxiety, pain, and/or insomnia?

Suffering from depression, anxiety, pain, and/or insomnia? 

Patients are not alone in this, as of 2020, 21 million US adults suffered from depression according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Anxiety is also a concern for 3.1% of Americans[1] and fifty million US adults deal with chronic pain[2] and 30-40% of Americans will suffer from insomnia at some point.[3]

Often in a traditional medical setting, the solution is prescription medications. These medications certainly have their time and place. But, what if there was access to a drug-free FDA approved option? That’s where Alpha-Stim® enters the picture.

What is Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim is an FDA-approved device that delivers cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES).

What is CES?

It is a light electrical current that penetrates the skull and delivers a frequency of energy via a patented waveform. This waveform has been found via evidence-based research to rebalance the nervous system. Rebalancing or fine-tuning the nervous system means Alpha-Stim transitions a patient from a stressed state to a relaxed state. In just 3-4 weeks of use 87-95% of studied individuals saw an improvement in their depression, anxiety, pain, and/or insomnia.

Are there side effects/risks?

Since 1981, the Alpha-Stim device has had no major side effects or adverse events. The most common side effect, out of 8792 people, was a headache (0.1%). The Alpha-Stim device is not advised for use in children, during pregnancy, or if there is an implanted medical device such as an ICD or pacemaker. 

How is the Alpha-Stim device used?

It’s as simple as applying a pair of ear clips to the earlobes, typically for 20-60 minutes per session. Fort Wayne IV Lounge is offering a free 20-minute trial of Alpha-Stim at the office. During this trial, the trained staff will demonstrate how to use the device and answer any further questions or concerns. The Alpha-Stim device is available for rental or at a discounted retail  price. We recommend using the device daily for 4 weeks as a loading dose. From there patients typically use the device as needed or 2-3 times per week for maintenance. Alpha-Stim has cumulative effects, it becomes more effective and has prolonged results with each use.

Patients are encouraged to visit for more information and stop by the office for a free trial.


In good health,

Vishaal Veerula, MD





Vishaal Veerula, MD

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