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COVID-19 & Hyperbarics


This virus has created an unprecedented challenge for our healthcare system, has overrun our hospitals and has caused an alarmingly high mortality rate within critical care facilities. As science is catching up to this novel virus, early clinical reports and anatomical findings show progressive hypoxemia as the main cause of deterioration in patients with COVID-19. As hypoxemia progresses, "standard therapy cannot penetrate the diffusion barriers in the lungs because they are limited by ambient pressure. " (2) Preliminary evidence is showing HBOT is not limited by these barriers and may improve these patients' conditions, especially if intervention occurs at early stages.

Benefits of HBOT

  • Rapid Relief of Hypoxic Symptoms (1)
  • Decreased Chest Pain (1)
  • Decreased Dyspnea (difficulty breathing) (1)
  • General Condition Reversal (1)
  • Improves Liver Function and Myocardial Injury (1)
  • Improved Lung Pathology (1)
  • Gradual Improvement of Afterial Blood Gas (1)
  • Increases blood oxygen saturation (3)
  • Shown to be safe during mechanical ventilation (4)

Study: HBOT for Covid-19

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